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About Us

Snazzy and Co – A Family Business

Life is strange...I was never a fashionista. I wore orange Keds and baggy pants in college. I never read Vogue, or wore lipstick. I was the girl geek studying chemistry and physics.

Skip forward and I somehow ended up as the Trim Buyer for the private label division of a Fortune 500 department store. I attended fashion trend forecasts in NY. I traveled to Europe to bring back the latest trim and button styles. I flew to Asia to create custom made trims for our in-house designers. I dealt with crazy fashion divas. I became an "expert". I also worked a 60 hour week. Who'd a thunk it all those years ago..... And I wore the uniform almost every day: Black! Black! (and sometimes Beige in the summer only).

However, along the way, rubbing up against all those creative types unleashed the artist in me.

Snazzy Beads was born out of my love of color and the design possibilities of polymer clay. My husband and I took the leap and formed Snazzy Beads and Snazzy Girls. We partnered with a local workshop for people with disabilities and together we’ve created a company that focuses on quality and value.

As our company grows, we are focusing on creating great design items for the coastal, resort and souvenir retailer. Coastlines is our newest “baby”. Our sea glass jewelry uses mostly recycled glass and the metals we select are environmentally friendly. I research and design every charm myself and we continue to use local help to assemble and create our jewelry.

We’ve been blessed with great customers and continue to work in a business we love. Artie is still our go-to sales guy, marketing pro and finance whiz. Many of you know Artie, in charge of our booth at national trade and gift shows or on the road when he visits our store accounts...

So continued thanks for selecting Coastlines and Snazzy Beads and helping us provide jobs in our local community.


Anna and Artie Shaw